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Hi there, Matthew Shallvey here. Living on the Northern Beaches in Sydney Australia I like to spend my spare time creating things. This includes writing children’s books and creating apps along with the occasional board game here and there.

 – Yes, the gardens and lawns at my place do suffer some neglect because of this!

I have currently self-published nine children’s picture books with many more swirling around in my head. Most of the ideas for my stories come from experiences with my two young children who are an endless source of inspiration.

You can listen to all of my books for free through this website, as well as read through the first 12 pages of each book, You can of course also buy the book. There are also resources that schools can use with some of the books.

I get great pleasure hearing from those who have read my stories and enjoy talking to students at schools about my stories and writing experiences.

The nPuzzlement series of apps available on both the Apple iTunes store and Google play store are another of my creative pursuits. These puzzle games provide an intuitive and minimalistic interface and have been designed for toddlers right up to the adult puzzle enthusiast. There are hundreds of different puzzles to play across the different versions of nPuzzlement with ability to also create your own puzzles.

The Word Wrangles board game is a collection word games where player’s must be the first player to complete a word wrangle. One of the more unique features of Word Wrangles is that it allows players of varying abilities to be suitably challenged whilst playing in the same game. A great game the whole family can enjoy together.

I am also attempting to build a teleportation machine that will revolutionize the travel industry. I have currently run into a few issues with some of the more general rules of science, so at this stage I do not have, or are even close to having, a working prototype. Watch this space though!

I hope you enjoy reading the books and playing the apps and board game as much as I have has enjoyed creating them.

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