The nine children’s picture books currently available are

      . My Scary Messy Room
      . We Can Do What We Like
      . Two Beetles in a Box
      . The Magician’s Rabbit
      . Walter the Dragon
      . The Lemon Tree
      . The Best Book Ever Written
      . My Dad is the Worst
           – at putting kids to bed
      . The Chicken Who Crossed the Road

A video of each of the books being read by me is available below along with the first 12 pages of each book to flip through.

Activity sheets are also available below for teachers to download and use with the books.

If you would like to purchase any of the books please click on the following “Go To Store” button.

My Scary Messy Room

My Scary Messy Room is about the scary things that a young child might imagine exist in a messy room.

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We Can Do What We Like

We Can Do What We Like is about two children whose parents go on strike allowing the children to do whatever they like and the consequences that come from that unrestricted freedom.

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Two Beetles In a Box

A young girl finds two beetles on her front door step and invites them in to take a rest. The Beetles then start issuing all sorts of demands to the girl which she does her best to deliver.  Eventually the beetles put in one request too many.

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The Magician’s Rabbit

Magic is a dangerous thing if attempted by those not trained. A young child discovers a Magician’s hideout. Inside a white rabbit sits on a mat alongside a wand and magic book. The child decides they would like to give magic a go!

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Walter The Dragon

Walter the Dragon who lives in a cave, is covered in scales and green. With a wonderful nature, he is vegetarian, and keeps himself pristinely clean. If anyone asked or required some help, the first there Walter would be. Yet such fine qualities, were completely ignored by those who chose not to see.

A story about being different and being accepted for who you are.

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The Lemon Tree

Our family’s so excited, come out back and you will see,
we have ten big juicy lemons growing on our Lemon tree.
In ten day’s time we’ll pick them, when they’re right to squeeze.
Then we’re going to use them in our favourite recipes.

Someone is stealing lemons from our lemon tree every night.
Who could the thief be?

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The Best Book Ever Written

The Best Book Ever Written. Well nearly ever. Well it could be if we could finish it!

Please help us finish this book and make it the best book ever written. An interactive story for children.

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My Dad is the Worst – at putting kids to bed

My dad is the worst at putting kids to bed. Well that is what my mother has always gone and said.

A humorous children’s picture book contrasting the different styles between a mother and a father at putting their children to bed.

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The Chicken Who Crossed The Road

This is a story about a chicken who crossed the road and then wished it had not.

An interactive story for children.

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