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Word Wrangles is contest of both word and strategy, where the object of the game is to complete words and word structures, called Wrangles, before the other players do.

Suitable for players Ages 7 and up, Word Wrangles allows players of varying abilities to be suitably challenged whilst playing in the same game.

Usually played between 2 to 4 players, Word Wrangles can also be played solo. A Wrangle can be played in 10 minutes or take several hours depending on how long you want to play.

This new version of Word Wrangles includes updated instructions for the main board game as well as 12 new Wrangles to play.

12 new Wrangles to play

1)      Puzzled Word     
2)      Clear The Deck  
3)      Word Bout
4)      Serenity
5)      Word Rummage
6)      Wordigo   
7)      Word Bridge
8)      Crossing Words
9)      Word Saw
10)    Word Block
11)    High Reach
12)    Story Line

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